The 35FH’s Direct Drive Draw-thru design provides the following benefits:

  • The Direct Drive blower motor assembly eliminates the belt drive maintenance and drive loss typically associated with a belt driven unit.
  • A Draw-thru design pulls air through the entire face of the coil providing a more even air velocity and consequently better heat transfer and less air pressure drop.
  • Less air turbulence is created due to the design’s ability to draw the air into the coil rather than forcing it, making the Draw-thru sound levels lower due to the even velocities, this is compared to the Blow-thru where face velocities are concentrated around the blower discharge area of the coil, increasing air turbulence.
  • Reduced air pressure drop and greater coil heat transfer in the Draw-thru design allows for lower energy consumption.
  • Direct Drive blower/motor assembly reduces the amount of sound transmission to the occupant.