LM1014, LM1012 and LM1214 can be delivered with an optional air operated sheet support system. This system is available in two styles: System-R drops the support material to the rear of the machine; System-F returns the supported material to the front of the machine via a front return chute.All LM series shears are available in a reduced price “Performance Package” configuration. The Performance Package includes: a Five Foot Squaring Arm, a pair of Front Support Arms, and Air Operated Sheet Support System. Performance “R” system is for rear return, Performance “F” system is for front return. A moveable Material Cart is available for both Front and Rear Return machines. (LM1014, LM1012 and LM1214 only) Please call for details. Contact Curtis Phelps for a quote today Phone: 720-550-1645 Email: cphelps@hercmail.com