The E7 Series furnace is designed for all sizes ofmanufactured and modular homes. These units incorporatereliability and low maintenance. Units may be installedfree standing in a utility room or enclosed in an alcove orcloset. E7 Series furnaces are A/C ready, with 16 blowerspeeds to meet any cooling requirement.


SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
E7ED010H1 1022880 ELEC FR DF 10K EA
E7ED012H1 1022881 ELEC FR DF 12K EA
E7ED015H1 1022882 ELEC FR DF 15K EA
E7ED017H1 SEE E7ED017H2 1036507 EA
E7ED020H1 1022884 ELEC FR DF 20K EA
E7ED023H1 1022885 ELEC FR DF 23K EA