Flat Sheet Steel 

Hot Dipped flat  Galvanized steel sheet and coil is made with a cold rolled substrate or base metal that is hot dipped with a zinc coating.  The zinc coating is added as a protective layer against rusting or oxidation.  Zinc is a noble metal and will sacrifice itself to the environment thus protecting the base cold rolled substrate from corrosion.  There is a linear correlation between the coating thickness and anticipated service life for any given zinc thickness.  The thicker the zinc coating on the surface of the metal the longer the anticipated service life will be.
Typical Uses of Hot Dipped Galvanized Products:
·         HVAC equipment and components
·         Stampings
·         Computer Cabinetry
·         Guard Rails
·         Water Culverts
·         Outdoor signs
·         Appliances
·         Roofing Components

Many others uses not listed above

SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
GAL1048120 GAL 10GA SHT 231.25#/SHT LB
GAL1248120 GAL 12GA SHT 181.25#/SHT LB
GAL1448120 GAL 14GA SHT 131.25#/SHT(PINK) LB
GAL1648120 GAL 16GA SHT 106.25#/SHT LB
GAL1848120 GAL 18GA SHT 86.25#/SHT(BLACK) LB
GAL204896 GAL 20GA SHT 53.00#/SHT(GREEN) LB
GAL2048120 GAL 20GA SHT 66.25#/SHT(GREEN) LB
GAL2248120 GAL 22GA 56.25#/SHT(YELLOW) LB
GAL244896 GAL 24GA SHT 37.00#/SHT(ORN) LB
GAL2448120 GAL 24GA SHT 46.25#/SHT(ORN) LB
GAL2648120G90 GAL26GAG90 36.25#/SHT BLUE/RED LB
GAL2648120 GAL 26GA SHT 36.25#/SHT(BLUE) LB
GAL264896 GAL 26GA SHT 29.00#/SHT(BLUE) LB
GAL264896G90 GAL 26GA G90 29.00#/SHT(BLUE) LB
GAL2848120 GAL 28GA SHT 31.25#/SHT(WHITE) LB
GAL284896 GAL 28GA SHT 25.00#/SHT(WHITE) LB