ASTM A1008 – Commercial Steel

14 – 24 Gauge - 48" & 60" wide products

Cold Rolled Steel is the next step up in value added product produced at the mill. 

It is made by pickling a Hot Rolled coil to remove the scale.  The coil is then subjected to a cold rolling process that gives the coil more accurate dimensions.  The cold rolling process work hardens the material and must be subjected to an annealing process to enhance the workability/formability of the end product.  The final result is a clean silver colored product with light oil that exhibits a flatter profile and a tighter gauge tolerance. It is used when the physical appearance or dimensional tolerances of downstream processing is a concern.

Typical uses of Cold Rolled Products are: 

·         Metal Furniture

·         Filing Cabinets

·         Stamping Hardware

·         Appliances

·         Shelving

·         Lighting Fixtures

·         Steel Drums 


Many other uses not listed above.