We are pleased to announce our new state-of-the-art PLS120 Automatic Welding System at our Commercial Division in Denver, CO. Hercules can provide quality welded products with quick turnaround, at a competitive price. Eliminate the need for costly grinding and cleaning of your welds. With Hercules’ PLS120, it’s all done automatically. The result is a strong, smooth, clean seam, every time. Hercules delivers fast turn-around times. Hercules delivers a welded product that is consistently smooth, strong, and ready for use. This means direct SAVINGS for you. Save on labor costs: with our circumferential welding capabilities, Hercules can shop-manifold pipe to the project requirements. Not only is it convenient for you to have Hercules provide specialized welding solutions, it’s cost effective. Save on project time: you get the exact product you need, ready for use. Hercules can deliver factory installed angle rings for easy field installation.