Cable Hanging Systems

Dyna-tite cable locks and wire rope can be used for suspension in a variety of ways to accommodate most mechanical & HVAC construction applications.THE FASTEST EASIEST AND MOST RELIABLE WAY TO SECURE DUCTWORK AND EQUIPMENT!Dyna-Tite System Benefits▪ Its time saving qualities have been shown to reduce installation by up to 6 times compared to traditional threaded rod.▪ It provides a fast and strong solution to the task of hanging Mechanical and HVAC systems.▪ It allows the installer to position the hangers vertically or at an angle to the suspended object.▪ Dyna-Tite system is lightweight and easy to carry, and combines these qualities with the inherent strength of high tensile wire rope.▪ Its light weight improves safety on the job. Carrying the product on the job site is easy and, in aerial situations reduces accident risk caused by falling materials.▪ Dyna-Tite CL6-WC2, CL12-WC3, CL18-WC4, CL23-WC6 & CL25-WC8 Cable Locks have been Smacna Approved for Seismic Applications