The constant torque motor on the A951E provides an efficient, steady flow of air for more even temperatures. This ENERGY STAR®-certified furnace allows you to save on your utility bills all year long. 

  • 95% AFUE
  • EHX Technology
  • Quiet Combustion Technology
  • Self-Diagnosing Control Board
  • Single-Stage Gas Valve
  • Constant Torque Blower Motor
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Lifetime Warranty on Heat Exchanger



SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
A95DF1E045B12S 95% DF CT 45BTUH/3T/17.5" SS Product_Details EA
A95DF1E070B16S 95% DF CT 70BTUH/4T/17.5" SS Product_Details EA
A95DF1E090C16S 95% DF CT 90BTUH/4T/21" SS Product_Details EA
A95DF1E110C20S 95% DF CT 110BTUH/5T/21" SS Product_Details EA