The constant-torque motor provides a steady flow of air, maintaining a more consistent airflow than a single-speed PSC motor and helping eliminate hot or cold spots for more even temperatures throughout your home. When you set your thermostat to “Fan On,” the furnace circulates air at low speed, which uses less energy and improves air filtration. The motor also operates with greater efficiency and less noise.

  • 80% AFUE
  • EHX Technology
  • Quiet Combustion Technology
  • One-Stage Gas Valve
  • Constant-Torque Blower Motor
  • Lifetime Warranty on Heat Exchanger

SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
A80DF1E045A12 80% CONT TORQUE 45M BTU DWNFLO Product_Details EA
A80DF1E070A12 18U95 70MBH 3T ARMSTRONG C/T D Product_Details EA
A80DF1E070B12 80% CONT TORQUE 70M BTU DWNFLO Product_Details EA
A80DF1E090B16 80% CONT TORQUE 90M BTU DWNFLO Product_Details EA
A80DF1E110C20 80% CON TORQUE 110M BTU DWNFLO Product_Details EA