K-Series™ rooftop units are known for precise, dependable performance. And thanks to advanced features and thoughtful product designs, the K-Series is flexible, too, making it an excellent choice for virtually any commercial application

SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
KGA024S4DS-P L0881 2T 65K 208 1PH DD EA
KGA030S4DS-P L0883 2.5T 65K 208 1PH DD EA
KGA036S4DS-P L0892 3T 65K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA036S4BS-G L0886 3T 105K 460 3PH DD EA
KGA036S4DM-G L0888 3T 105K 460/3PH DD EA
KGA036S4DM-P L0890 3T 105K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA036S4DM-Y AC376 3T 108K 208 3PH DD EA
F0642 KGA048S4DD/4T 65K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA048S4DS-P L0905 4T 65K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA048S4BS-Y L0898 4T 65K 208/3PH BD EA
KGA048S4DS-G L0904 4T 65K 460/3PH DD EA
KGA048S4DH-P L0901 4T 150K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA048S4BH-Y L0895 4T 150K 208/3PH BD EA
KGA048S4DH-G L0899 4T 150K 460/3PH DD EA
KGA048S4BM-Y L0903 4T 105K 205/3PH DD EA
KGA048S4DH-Y L0902 4T 150K 208/3PH DD EA
KGA060S4DS-Y L0923 5T 65K 208/3PH DD EA
KGA060S4DS-G L0922 5T 65K 460/3PH DD EA
KGA060S4DM-P L0920 5T 105K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA060S4DM-Y L1100 5T 105K 208/3PH DD EA
KGA060S4DH-P L0917 5T 150K 208/1PH DD EA
KGA060S4DH-Y L0919 5T 150K 208/3PH DD EA
KGA072S4BH-Y AD584 6T 150K 208/3PH BD EA
KGA072S4BH-G AD585 6T 150K 460/3PH BDMBTU EA
KGA090S4BH-Y L0930 7.5T 150K 208 3PH EA
KGA092S4BM-Y V9161 7.5T 180K 208/3PH BD EA
KGA092H4BH-Y V9155 7.5T 240K 230/3PH BD ENV EA
KGA120S4BH-G BV603 10T 240MBH 460/3PH BD Product_Details EA
KGA120S4BH-Y V9179 10T 240K 208/3PH BD Product_Details EA
KGA150S4BM-Y V9198 12.5T 180K 208/3PH BD EA
KGA240S4BH-G L0349 20T 480K 460/3PH BD ECON EA