Product is designed with high impact strength, is extremely resistant to corrosive liquids, and combines lightness with toughness. Hercules stocks PVC pipe and fittings to facilitate the installation of both high efficiency furnaces and air conditioning coils.
Item Number Description Units Price Buy
PVC12    more info 1/2" X 10' PVC SCHEDULE40 PIPE FT Login Required
PVC1245    more info 1/2" PVC 45DEG ELL 417-005 50B EA Login Required
PVC1290    more info 1/2" PVC 90DEG ELL 406-005 50B EA Login Required
PVC12COUP    more info 1/2" PVC COUPL D429-005 100/BX EA Login Required
PVC12FIP    more info 1/2" PVC FEMALE ADAPTER 435005 EA Login Required
PVC12MIP    more info 1/2" PVC MALE ADAPTER #436-005 EA Login Required
PVC12MPLUG    more info 1/2" PVC THREADED PLUG 450-005 EA Login Required
PVC12ST90    more info 1/2" PVC STREET 90DEG ELL 50/B EA Login Required
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