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high efficiency take-off  (hto`s)
High Efficiency Take-off (HTO`s)
Hercules offers this alternative to spin-in`s for greater airflow and better efficiency. These take-offs have large 1" flanges with an adhesive coated gasket that holds the fitting in position during installation and assures a tight seal.

Special damper hardware with 2" standoffs (for insulated duct) are also available. Please call for details.

95% efficient furnaces
95% Efficient Furnaces
* Up to 95% AFUE Rating
* Clamshell Heat Exchanger: Designed to provide quiet start-up and even temperatures.
* Available in single and two stage models, and variable speed fan motor to ensure reliable heat output to maintain even temperatures.
* Insulated Cabinet: Prevents loss of warm air while reducing the noise from the motor.
* Anti-Vibration Blower Assembly: Reduces noise typically associated with starts and stops.
* Sealed Blower Door: Reduces air noise.

97% efficient furnaces
97% Efficient Furnaces
Features and Benefits of Armstrong/AirEase 97% efficient furnace:
* Upflow / Horizontal
* Downflow
* 409 SS primary heat exchanger with crimped no-weld construction
* AL 29-4C SS secondary heat exchanger
* Compact 33" height
* Standardized widths for easy coil fit
* ECM variable speed blower motor
* Easily removable slide out blower design
* Modulating gas valve
* Communicating control enabled
* Self diagnostics saves last 10 fault codes regardless of power interruption
* Category 4 direct vent appliance
* Left or right utility connections
* Zero step horizontal conversion
* Removable floor base for bottom return air

z-series commercial 3 to 5-ton gas/electric packaged rooftop units
Z-Series Commercial 3 to 5-Ton Gas/Electric Packaged Rooftop Units
* Efficiency ratings up to 13.0 SEER and 11.4 EER
* Matches the most popular footprint in the commercial industry, eliminating the need for an adaptor curb in many replacement jobs
* Eco-Last Coil System uses up to 52% less refrigerant, is up to 59% lighter, and has up to 20% fewer brazen joints than regular rooftop unit coils

Hercules Industries is the Master Distributor of the Rocky Mountain region for both Vicon and Roper Whitney sheet metal machinery. We also represent many other brand names including Chicago, Lion, Roto-Die, RAMS, Wilder, Built-Rite, Vermette, Duro-Dyne, Wysong, Hurco, and Rand-Bright.

Click here to see Roper Whitney`s website.

Click here to see RAMS website..
Click here to see Spiral-Helix website..

honeywell thermostats including redlink, wi-fi & z-wave stats & accessories
Honeywell Thermostats Including RedLINK, Wi-Fi & Z-Wave Stats & Accessories
Honeywell's wireless product line offers everything you need to easily:
* Relocate a thermostat
* Upgrade to multi-stage equipment
* Display outdoor temperature and humidity
* Offer temperature control on demand
* Easily zone a home without running thermostat wires
* Control all zones from a single control

galvanized steel -- flat sheets and coils
Galvanized Steel -- Flat Sheets and Coils
Hercules offers full service steel processing of all sizes and gauges of galvanized steel, including cut-to-length blanking, slit coils, shearing and custom cutting.

Our inventory of coiled steel ranges from 10 gauge down to 30 gauge, in widths from 2 to 5 foot. We also stock a large quantity of flat sheet, both in full 5000 pound skids, and in open racks for "per sheet" purchases.

We also carry pre-cut coils which are 5.394" in width from 20 to 24 gauge, and 5.5" in 18 gauge.


panasonic ventilating fans
Panasonic Ventilating Fans
Hercules stocks a full line of Panasonic low sone ventilating fans ranging from 50 CFM up to 290 CFM. Some models are available in a fan/light combination. Panasonic is the only manufacturer of ventilation fans with all products Energy Star rated.

For more information, please visit www.panasonic.com/building

flex-multi split air conditioners dual zone & tri-zone
Flex-Multi Split Air Conditioners Dual Zone & Tri-Zone
The larger, Flex Multi Split Systems operate two or three interior units that are mounted in separate rooms. Each indoor unit comes with it's own remote control, allowing the customer to set the temperature individually in different rooms. These units are connected to a single exterior unit.
9,000 and 12,000 Flex Multi indoor units can be combined to achieve between 18,000 and 24,000 BTU's on a Dual Zone system, and from 27,000 to 36,000 BTUs on a Tri-Zone system. The interior units are available in a variety of styles including ART COOL and Standard models. Both Dual Zone and Tri-Zone are available in Cooling Only or Heat Pump systems.

nailor directional ceiling diffusers
Nailor Directional Ceiling Diffusers
The NAILOR RNS3 Series Square Ceiling Air Diffusers have been specially designed to provide a cost effective, value engineered product. They offer both the unobtrusive appearance required for architectural excelleance and the 360 degree diffusion pattern at minimum NC levels required for high engineering performance.
* Material: Heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant steel.
* The diffuser delivers the air in a true 360 radial horizontal pattern.
* Designed to minimize smudging and streaking of ceiling.
* Excellent for VAV systems. The uniform near horizontal jets from the louvered cones
maintain effective air motion over a considerable range of air volumes.
* The models consist of three die-formed concentric cones in all sizes which eliminate mitered corners and provide uniform appearance in all neck sizes.
* The inner cone assembly is held in place by four hook corner posts that positively
engage into slots in the backpan. The core can be removed from the backpan for
diffuser installation.
* Standard finish is AW - Appliance white.