• 3 Bill Newland
    "We are selling energy efficent HVAC products which, in large part, gave us motivation to make our business energy effecient. How can we sell an energy efficient product when we ourselves are being wasteful?"
  • 1 Thomas Edison
    I'd put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy, what a source of Power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out, before we tackle that."
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    Solar panel installation on the roof of the Denver Manufacturing Facility.
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    Solar panel installation on the roof of the Denver Commercial Manufacturing Facility.
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    "To guarantee the security and stability of American energy supplies, our nation must end our reliance on foreign oil and look to develop our own resources at home."
  • 3 Bill Newland
    "Hercules Industries will continue to strive toward a greener future and consistently keep energy saving and efficiency a priority in our operations"
Hercules Industries' On Going Efforts to Reduce Our Dependence On Non-Renewable Energy
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    nailor directional ceiling diffusers
    Nailor Directional Ceiling Diffusers
    The NAILOR RNS3 Series Square Ceiling Air Diffusers have been specially designed to provide a cost effective, value engineered product. They offer both the unobtrusive appearance required for architectural excelleance and the 360 degree diffusion pattern at minimum NC levels required for high engineering performance.
    * Material: Heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant steel.
    * The diffuser delivers the air in a true 360 radial horizontal pattern.
    * Designed to minimize smudging and streaking of ceiling.
    * Excellent for VAV systems. The uniform near horizontal jets from the louvered cones
    maintain effective air motion over a considerable range of air volumes.
    * The models consist of three die-formed concentric cones in all sizes which eliminate mitered corners and provide uniform appearance in all neck sizes.
    * The inner cone assembly is held in place by four hook corner posts that positively
    engage into slots in the backpan. The core can be removed from the backpan for
    diffuser installation.
    * Standard finish is AW - Appliance white.

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